Definition of terms

  • Camper = anyone staying on a site
  • Manager = anyone working on behalf of LRDS, in charge of the management of the campsite by the community of St Urbain

1.Conditions of admission and stay

Anyone willing to enter, pitch a tent, park a caravan and stay in the Camping des Rouches must have an authorization given by the manager or one of his representatives. The manager has the  obligation to provide a good quality and security service as well as enforcing  the house rules and regulations.

In the event of our welcome office being closed upon your arrival, it is compulsory to contact La Route du Sel.

Staying at the camping des Rouches automatically implies the full acceptance and the compliance with the house rules and regulations.

No one can take up permanent residence.

2.Police formalities

Minors under 18 travelling alone must present a written authorization from their parents

In application of the Article R.611.35 of the Code of Entry and Residence of Foreigner and the Right of Asylum (CESEDA), the campsite manager is obliged to make foreign customers fill in and sign an individual police form which will mention:

  • First and last names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Regular place of residence

Children under 15 can be included on their parents’ form


Caravans, tents, camper vans, equipment and other materials must be installed on the designated site in accordance with the instructions provided by the administrator and his representative.

4.Reception office

You will find all required information about our campsite amenities and services (supplies, sport outfits, local tourist attractions and many other interesting shopping recommendations)

Any complaints / remarks can be filed at the welcome office using the “suggestions mail box”

5.Bulletin board

This document of the house rules and regulations is available upon request and is also on display on bulletin boards

  • Inside the campsite
  • At the reception office

Recycling guidelines and instructions are explained on the dedicated collecting bins

6.Animals – pets

Category 1 and 2 dogs (Pittbull, Rottweiller…) are not allowed

Dogs cannot be left alone! Neither at the campsite (pitch), nor in or around a rented facility and should never be left locked up in tents, caravans or camper vans. Owners or masters are civilly responsible for their animals

Your pet should  not disturb the  peace, calm and safety of  fellow campsite users.

Dogs are accepted only if tattooed and vaccinated with

  • A proof of rabies vaccination of less than 1 year
  • A dog’s health certificate from the vet, including the tattoo number and identification number
  • A collar with the owner’s name, address and phone number.

7.Noise and silence

Users are urged to avoid noise which could bother the neighbours. Total silence is mandatory between 11.00 pm and 7.30 am

Audio devices must be adjusted and regulated accordingly

Car doors and boots should be closed as discreetly as possible


The campsite denies access to any foreign visitor without previous authorization by the campsite

Visitors are admitted in the campsite under the camper’s responsibility

Guests can welcome visitors. The use of the facilities is reserved only for authorized visitors

Visitors can not park their car, motorcycle or van within the campsite

9.Driving and parking

Within the campsite the speed limit is 10 km/ h

No car allowed to be used within the campsite between 11.00 pm and 7.30 am

Only customers’ cars are allowed to park or drive within the campsite

Parking must not obstruct traffic and should refrain from using  free spaces  other than the one allocated to them

10.Facilities and maintenance

All facilities have to be respected regarding cleanliness and hygiene. You are in charge of leaving them clean after each use

No garbage, trash, sewage waters may be thrown or left on the ground and gutters

Waste waters should be emptied in the specific installations devoted to that purpose

Household refuse, garbage of any kind and papers have to be thrown in the special bins located outside the campsite, respecting the recycling instructions (especially reinforced in Vendée)

Dish washing and washing laundry is strictly forbidden except in the sinks reserved for that purpose

Marking and delineating the pitch with personal material, and digging the soil is strictly forbidden

Any damage done to the vegetation, fences or other installations will be automatically charged to the responsible author.

The site/pitch should be maintained and left as clean as when the camper found it upon arrival


A) Fire

It is strictly forbidden by law to barbecue (charcoal and electric) or to have an (open) fire at your campsite pitch.

Camping stoves have to be properly maintained in good working order and should not be used in dangerous conditions

It is forbidden to smoke near the tents or inside any accommodation rented by the campsite

In case of fire, please report immediately to the campsite administrator or manager. Fire extinguishers can be used in case of necessity and emergency

A first aid kit is available at the reception desk


The management is liable for objects left in the reception desk and has a general supervisory obligation of the campsite. Campers are liable for their own material and equipment and should report any suspicious people. Campers are invited to take all the necessary and regular precautions to safeguard their material.

The campsite highly recommends campers to have a “watching neighbor” attitude and to remain vigilant regarding any foreign visitor entering the campsite.


It remains forbidden to organize any violent game inside the campsite and near the installations

Children are to be supervised by their parents at all times

The next door leisure play ground is public and specially devoted to children

13.Departure procedures

Campers are asked to check out the day prior to their departure. In case of early departure, outside opening hours, the balance has to be settled the day before.

14.Offsite parking (extra parking room)

Option available only upon request and availability. Extra charge: 7 euros

15.Violation of rules

In case of a camper bothering the other fellow campsite users, or violating the house rules, the manager will oblige him/her to stop immediately

In the event of marked or repeated violation of  the house  rules, and after being warned or formally notified by the campsite manager or his representative, any existing contract could be terminated , and the camper asked  to leave immediately.

In the event of an illegal offence, the campsite manager will inform the police